About Us

From 25 years on the market

It was 1992 when Mr. Ferone founded the Arethusa srl

A bit of us

Arethusa is an engineering company founded in 1992 to develop the design of technological systems, in line with the cultural backgrounds of the founders, coming from different professional experiences, all of the industrial sector. The evolution of engineering processes, aimed primarily at environmental sustainability, safety and saving and optimization of energy resources, has affected the professional growth of Arethusa, which today comprises the following separate but synergistic business branches:


  • Engineering
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Environmental engineering and safety
  • Energy management
  • Research and Development


In order to develop these areas of expertise, the Company has professional resources from different cultural backgrounds with integrated multidisciplinary skills. Training and the exchange of experiences, involved in the development of individual activities, provides an added value to the quality of service provided.


In 2011 Arethusa moved to the new headquarters in Casoria: an over 1,000 square metres building, spacious and bright designed in line with the increased business demands. We have a staff of more than 16 people distributed among technical, administrative, commercial staff and consultants.


We use specific software applications for the development of individual business areas and for the elaboration of specific  surveys carried out with field instruments. Over the years Arethusa has greatly increase the number of customers ,including many industries, agencies, public companies, universities and ministries. The company has a quality management system certified according to UNI-EN-ISO 14001:2015 and EN ISO 9001:2015.