Environmental engineering and Safety

A specific business unit for environment and safety


Having always operated on an extremely dynamic industrial territory (North of Naples industrial area), characterized by companies aimed at international markets and at sustainable environmental policies, Arethusa has developed a specific business unit able to provide integrated services in relation to regulatory requirements relating to the environment and health and safety in the workplace.


Compliance with regulations

Arethusa ensures technical support to obtain administrative permitt, run the monitoring activities required to verify the industry environmental impact, performs measurements of comfort indices of work environments with the help of qualified and skilled staff also providing data processing and engineering judgement in accordance with the regulations.


Specific activities

The following activities for which Arethusa ensures technical support:

  • Authorization for procurement and waste water
  • Air emissions authorization
  • Sanitary Authorization
  • Fire Prevention Certificate
  • Certificate of fitness for use
  • Authorization to transport, storage and waste treatment
  • Unique model of environmental declaration
  • ISPELS Complaints
  • Environmental monitoring plans
  • Characterization plans


Softwares :


Office Professional :  Word / Excel / Power Point / Outlook

Exchange Server :  network and collaboration management software


Autocad : Architectural, structural and plant engineering

Revit : Architectural, structural and plant engineering and BIM modeling

Navisworks: Project review tool for integration, analysis and communication

Sound Plan

SoundPLAN: Software for simulating the propagation of noise and dispersion of pollutants

Acca Software

Termus : Performance and energy certification

Primus : Metric calculation and work accounting

Compensus : Calculation and determination of professional fees


SAP Business One – ERP Software

SAP Variatec – Supplementary modules to Business One


NOISE & VIBRATION WORKS: Support software for all surveys generated by measuring equipment for noise and vibration pads


Software Babuc- Infogen evoluto: Microclima moderate environments, warm Microclimate