Energy Management Service

A specific unit dedicated to energy management


The evolution of energy policies based on the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development, has created professional intervention areas that are well integrated with the skills and experiences of Arethusa, leading the company to invest in staff training and software applications in the field of energy and energy-consuming systems and establishing a specific unit dedicated to it.


Arethusa Energy Management service

Energy Management Service (SGE) studies the feasibility of projects and contracts for the management of thermal and electrical energy, aimed at reducing polluting emissions into the atmosphere, energy consumption and related costs. Arethusa with SGE provides a package of professional services that are useful for the energy audit of public buildings/plants including energy analysis of structures, identification of energy upgrading, qualification of management service, operation and maintenance, as well as potential performance improvements in the process of transformation and use of energy.


Designing solutions for energy optimization

In contract management for energy services, Arethusa is able to provide design solutions for adaptation, energy optimization, upgrading or construction of new plants, with the aim of saving energy with the efficient use of resources and the integration of renewable energy sources, as well as to provide a service in maintenance and facilities management.



Softwares :


Office Professional :  Word / Excel / Power Point / Outlook

Exchange Server :  network and collaboration management software


Autocad : Architectural, structural and plant engineering

Revit : Architectural, structural and plant engineering and BIM modeling

Navisworks: Project review tool for integration, analysis and communication

ACCA Software

Termus : Performance and energy certification

Primus : Metric calculation and work accounting

Compensus : Calculation and determination of professional fees


SAP Business One – ERP Software

SAP Variatec – Supplementary modules to Business One